Tariro – Discoverer of her own true beauty

By April 5, 2017 Testimonials

I’ve always wanted to find a Zimbabwean product made from our local plant oils—I’ve been using products from Uganda, Nigeria and so on—so I’m really excited to try Gugulethu’s hair care line!

I feel like so many of the products and styles out there are so suffocating for my hair—I thought, why should I do that to myself?? Personally, I think it comes from what so many of us hear growing up—that our hair is a problem to be managed. My mom used to tell me I had the ugliest, coarsest hair in the family! Can you imagine?

I don’t believe that anymore. I think you just have to embrace your natural beauty in all its forms—people face a lot of negative comparing because of the stuff we all see on the internet, but I think we just need to embrace ourselves and our hair as truly beautiful. Because it is! I love that Gugulethu understands that and wants to help women find their own beauty.

If I can give any advice I’d say be open to learning about your own hair and how to take care of it. Go on your own hair journey. Forget all the stories you were told as a kid and learn about yourself!

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